Ensure VS Insure; Apropos To Dictionaries

English is an international language, and you can find many people who understand English. Learning English is the need of the hour for everyone to keep one’s self update and to cope with competition. Well, it has its own grammar rules, and it is mandatory to follow these while speaking or writing. There are certain words which have the same meaning but different rhyming. These are called the homophones. Examples are ‘our’ and ‘hour’, ‘blue’ and ‘blew’, ’sell’ and ‘cell’ etc. we here in this article, are going to discuss what is appropriate to use ensure vs. insure.

An Insight to Use Words Correctly:

As it is discussed in many web blogs that how the words that are same in pronunciation but different in meaning should be used. Every language needs an understanding to be spoken well. Same is in the case of English language. It has two dialects British and American. There might be a difference in pronouncing the words, but meanings of words are almost the same.

For a better understanding of a language, it is required first to understand the literal or lexical meaning. The meaning defined in the dictionary helps to use the word correctly. The Oxford Dictionary and Merriam-Webster dictionary are a good source to know the correct sense of the phrase. Coming to the main point of our discussion that what should we use between ensure vs insure full guide

Let’s take a look at the meaning of both words.


Ensure means to make a thing certain (that it will happen or not). It is a guarantee that you give to someone about an event. For example:

Jury ensured that the defendant got a fair trial.

Feed the kids first policy ensures that the parents eat in calm.

Tom ensured that food would be enough for the tour.

The examples stated above gives us an understanding that ensure is a guarantee or surety about an event. It is used to make sure something about dead or non-living things. It is not used for human beings. A tiny tip is to remember the ‘e’ as used in both ensure and its meaning guarantee.


The next word of our discussion is the Insure. The meaning of insure is to safeguard something against loss. It is typically used in financial context. It is referred to purchase an insurance policy. It is to secure an asset against any damage or loss. For example:

The company insured its machinery against any loss.

The painting is insured so don’t worry about theft.

I insured my car against accident.

Final Verdict:

According to the American dialect, the words ensure and insure cannot be used interchangeably. The context of both the words is entirely different. It is mandatory to use these words correctly especially for contractual purposes to avoid any inconvenience or misunderstanding. Some dictionaries use these words as synonyms of each other. But, after getting an insight into the meaning of both these words we suggest to use them separately. Ask the employer about his preference or use common sense.


Preparing for CNA Expected Set of Responsibilities in Helped Living

Helped living offices have been totally open for senior individuals who have conceded their relatives or somebody who likes to stay under some person’s consideration. Fundamentally, helped living CNA job description state that he is acting as CNA or offering preparing to the amateur’s too. There are a large number of social insurance focuses that are overseeing human services needs of senior individuals. They are the general population who are old and powerless their families have quite recently abandoned them undesirable. In the event that you any sensitivity and affection to help these matured individuals that are working in the helped living office, then we are putting forth you a few chances to help them in such a large number of ways. Beneath we have recorded a portion of the genuine certainties about how to get sprinkling for Sales Associate set of working responsibilities in helped living so it could help you comprehend where to start from and how to arrive as a complete prepared CNA.

What kind of representatives work in helped living?

Since a large portion of the general population live in helped office they require fundamental living abilities, they needn’t bother with any consistent pharmaceutical. The distinction between a helped living office and nursing homes is that helped living does not require significant aptitudes to screen any sort of disease. It is a perfect alternative to the general population who has issues with portability however can’t orchestrate to help their homes. This occupation suits more to those individuals who truly likes to live in social setting for a long time and comprehend it. What’s more, representative might be dental practitioner close me or an ensured nursing colleague.

What expected set of responsibilities is required for helped living?

CNA have a few obligations that are rely on upon the quantity of overnight boardinghouse that lives in the office. Much the same as others things nursing colleagues need to work under the headings of enlisted to learn and prepare. The quantity of undertakings you will perform will rely on upon the quantity of inhabitants that you have been doling out for. What’s more, if the office is by one means or dealing with the predetermined number of staff then your obligations will get twofold also.

How would they serve in helped living office?

  • They help patients who live there by helping them in washing, shampooing hair, nail and healthy skin, bolstering, dressing, shaving, and keeping them cleanliness, these are the obligations that are finished by with the assistance of CNA in the begin of the day.
  • Some inhabitants additionally need to exchange to alternate units for checkups and activities you will do the needful thing by moving their devises and securely transporting them by keeping away from any damage and help them to the sheltered zone by the directions of the physiotherapist.
  • It relies on upon the need of the office you may need to plan sustenance for the occupants, do their clothing, housekeeping and numerous more things. On the off chance that the office has effectively made procurements they have the assets then these undertakings and obligations excluded part of the expected set of responsibilities.

These are a portion of the genuine actualities about landing preparing for CNA position portrayal in helped living. We will let you know more about it in our next article. For more data and most recent news and redesigns continue going by our site.

Most Romantic Quotes About Love

That the meetings that you do with your innermost abyss, you find the humility, compassion and solidarity. That in moments of reflection where you feel the nirvana in your heart, you find love. That in the back of this reflection with yourself, your soul is in total harmony with your spirit. Flavia Abib

When everything seems finished, when it seems the end, when you feel you will not have the strength to get up, look up, look to the sky, view the grandeur of the world and see how great you are to have gotten where he entrusts in his heart in difficult times, and he will tell you what to do.

Sincerity may be inconsequential,
but to hide the truth
is like cutting the flesh of people. Tearing the heart is to take a step forward, but stifle a feeling equals living a pauper. For the heart loves even good night text for her against the mind, and lover world becomes enchanted and flourishing.

Frequency of errors, improves illusions at all times
Keywords confetti, paper promises, invisible attitudes
in constancy, you lose day after day all that you have
should be worrying, but is meaningless
Every more colorless day until will disappear
No sigh, or cry for help will bring me back
I’m going

My Heart I have a sad poetry writing She reminds me of times I want to forget No, there not to reveal the feelings were washed out to sea or perhaps thrown to the wind it blows Nothing to declare my heart is sailing On the sea immensity Only I do not know when I’ll find me.

Most Romantic Quotes About Love

I’m like a pirate ship that goes drifting the seas of life, aimlessly, without a safe harbor to dock. Captain is my lonely heart, following looking for stories to smile, live and dream without knowing exactly what is right, maybe trying to get rid of the curse that is loneliness, but still following.

Your look If I could sum up the life So beautiful as it is, I summarize you to be a beautiful woman You are the poetry itself the depths of the love A eternalized icon in the arms of a dreamer Ah! Your voice your gaze Your own existence, and when he smiles, oh Jesus, My heart almost bursts.

The long circuit to accelerate, full of power my heart to vibrate. Exploring the chicanes of my life, always sure to win this race. Living intensely every thousandth time, this wonderful and mind-blowing moment. At the podium is the first seeking my great true love

You missed the beginning.
You took aim at my heart,
made me cry tears rubies, but is forgiven.
Why, for it pains me pour them, I know I’m safe at his side. And as you walked lost, and found me. He saved not only himself, but also my heart, infinite solitude.

And if that kiss on the cheek one day intertwine our lips?
And if that loving embrace one day stripping our clothes and put our bodies in a warm moment of pleasure?
And if that like suddenly turn passion?
Then do some cleaning in our hearts, and give one more chance to be happy and enjoy every moment.

When involved in boredom,
follows night in the summer,
and on the sleeping flowers
no dew drops
in caresses,
just dead hours
suffocated by the heat,
but the song of life never stops
and neither could pause,
when it goes in the heart
it is love
‘s sweet dream,
is a not want to
wake up

I do not need to leave carnival singing, jumping and showing happiness, and not (should) need Christmas to demonstrate solidarity and love of neighbor wanted the day came when we had scheduled to expose our feelings thus we would be less slaves of our society and more obedient to our hearts

And time makes you forget people, moments and the reasons why we fought for them, but in the end show that were leaves in the wind and the reason was just in our mind and also shows other ways so is the time shows us the fire in the heart of each.

The mind has enormous power.
When you want much one thing, but really want.
Just think positive and be determined.
Contending, running back and believe.
With faith, strength and attitude everything is possible.
Just make it happen.
Will the heart mind and body in focus
You can!

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Braces for Adults – Advantages, Side Effects and Cost

Braces are the devices that clamp your teeth and place them properly in right position. Braces for adults are a common trend nowadays; it was an old concept that the braces should be getting at the age of the school. The ratio of the braces user in the adults has been increased by 20 %. They need the braces to keep the teeth in the appropriate position. When the growth of the wisdom teeth occurs then they push other teeth to make their way. It causes the irregular shape of the teeth. For keeping the teeth at the regular place the braces rubber band are used.

What are The Advantages of The Braces for Adults? 

When the milk teeth broke down and the mature teeth begin to grow, then there is the chance of the irregular growth of the teeth of the human. The reasons behind the irregular growth are the tongue touching, accident or the force applied by the wisdom teeth etc.

Braces for Adults - Advantages

People get the braces for the teeth which cause the problems in eating. Some use the braces to keep their teeth still in the position. Braces apply a huge force to keep the teeth in their fixed position. You may feel pain during the braces wearing because it exerts pressure for keeping the teeth together and in the right place. Braces are used for the adults because they need perfect teeth which were not possible for their parent to treat in the childhood. So, they made the braces treatment in the adult age with their own money.

What are The Side Effects of Using Braces in Adult Age? 

There is no major side effect of using braces for adults. The braces can be used at any level of the age. There are some irritations which are caused by the braces wearing. When you eat anything then the braces cause the irritation in the teeth at the early period. With the passage of time, you use it. You have to take care of the braces. You should clean your braces timely and ask your dentist what things you should be avoided that destroy the braces.

Some food and cold drink contain the oxidizing agents in it which react with metallic braces and began to reduce them. So, eat only those things which are recommended by the dentist. Now such braces are formed which had no harmful effects of any food. You can eat any food during the braces use.

What is The Average Cost of the Braces for Adults?

The cost of the braces differs from one to another. It depends on upon the type of material used in the manufacturing of the braces. The braces which are made up of the metallic materials costs from $ 5000 to $ 6000. The metallic braces do not have any extra expense and needless caring. The cost of the braces which are made up of the plastic materials varies. When you apply the plastic braces then you have to take care of it and maybe it requires extra expense for one more time during the treatment. You may get out-of-pocket when using this plastic braces. For the choice of the braces, you should check you dental insurance plan and its full coverage. It will help you to decide that which orthodontic treatment is best for you.

Secret of Remembering 90% of Everything You Learn

Everyone wishes that they would learn whatever it is that they are learning whether it is an instrument, a language or a new sport in a much faster pace than they are currently doing. The greatest challenge with time is that there are only 24 hours in a day and you can only do so much within that time. The secret to learning in a much faster rate is not learning for many hours but making sure that you are effective and making maximum use of the time you have set aside for learning purposes.


Whenever you fill a bucket with water it is able to naturally retain the water inside itself before the water begins to pour down from the top of the bucket. When we compare the brain and the bucket of water then you are able to discover that every kind of information that gets into our brain ultimately leaks out. The conclusion drawn from the analogy is that our brain memory is like the leaking bucket it is not like the bucket that is able to retain water. Unless one is so different or special from other human beings it is not possible for any human brain to retain every detail, experience or information that comes inside the brain.


What came to be known as the learning pyramid was created in the 1960s and it basically described how human beings learn. According to the findings from the research this is how human beings remember what they have learnt. From sitting in a lecture whether in school or college humans remember 5%. When humans learn from reading books and other materials they remember 10%. When they learn from audio –visual for instance from videos they remember 20%. When they learn from demonstrations they are able to remember 30%. When they learn through group discussions then are able to remember 50%. When they learn from practicing what they have already learnt they are able to remember 75%. When they learn from using what they have already learnt immediately by teaching others they remember 90%.



Most of our learning methods are quite faulty they involve videos reading books and sitting down to listen to lectures but the big problem with these methods is that between 80-95% of all the information that gets into the brain through these methods eventually leak out of the brain. The conclusion we can draw from the above very important statement, is that putting pressure on our brains so that they remember everything that has come into them using methods that are non- participatory shall not work. Our concentration should therefore be on using participatory learning methods that ultimately ensure that a lot more information is retained in our brains as opposed to being leaked out. The participatory learning methods are able to produce the best results within a very short period of time. For those who for instance are learning a new language rather than use computer or mobile applications, it would be prudent for them to learn the language through the help of native speakers who are able to give them honest and instant feedback. In the case of fitness may be for the purposes of weight loss or to just remain in good shape, the use of videos from YouTube to workout is not recommended but instead you can use or hire a personal fitness trainer.


Many people complain about the fact that they do not have enough time to do anything but they forget one thing that we all have 24 hours within which we are supposed to accomplish what we have set out to do. It is important to note once a minute is not it can never be recovered. Those that have gone on to make proper use of time thus achieving much have learned how to not only use time for efficiency but more importantly to maximize it for effectiveness. Emphasis should therefore be put on making the most use of the little time available by concentrating on solutions that bring the greatest impact and discarding everything else that does not. When we are able to retain more information in our brains, then we do not have to learn again what we had learnt previously but we can instead concentrate on getting new knowledge.

Different Ways Through Which You Can Work Smarter Not Harder

Putting some serious effort into a task or project is something that is quite noble but it is important to note that the place where those efforts are put can make all the difference. It is equally important to work towards acquiring habits that shall eventually assist you in determining that which is important and what is not. With the right habits organization and planning you are eventually able to be more effective in the way you work and also able to waste less time. This is able to give you a day devoid of stress.


Although it may sound weird one of the best ways to increase your productivity is to constantly take breaks in the cause of your working. Some of the health challenges many people encounter in their working environments include but are not limited to blood clots in your legs and fatigue of the eyes. One of the ways to overcome these challenges includes taking the very important breaks in the cause of your working, whether you are working from home or from an office. Research has shown that a little break goes a long way to help you recharge your energy and more importantly refocus. Any kind of snacks that have the ability to boost the brain can also offer some great help. Various kinds of healthy fatty antioxidants have the power to boost the brain especially when it is tired.


Everything has its advantages and disadvantages and working from home is not an exception. One of the big disadvantages of working from home is that outsiders or the very people living with you can interrupt your work at any time because they want to chat with or they want to discuss something with you. The only way to overcome this challenge is to inform everyone that during certain times of you shall be busy working and that you should not be interrupted and the only time it should happen is when there is an emergency. The time that has been set aside for working should be guarded seriously. Time blocking can be used even for those that are working at the office by communicating to your colleagues that you do not wish to be disturbed.



When you keep checking your email or other social media messages every so often in the cause of the day you are certainly bound to get derailed in as far as your focus is concerned. It is therefore important to note that whenever you have been distracted it takes more than 20 minutes to regain your focus. One of the ways in which you can overcome the challenge of checking on your email or other social messages, is by putting off the notifications for emails and to check them at a regular time.


When we have developed good and healthy habits the same can assist us to achieve great success without having to put so much effort and having to experience unnecessary pain. When we become accustomed to doing a similar thing at a specific time and in a particular place such a routine is bound to cause us to become more efficient in whatever it is that we are doing. Morning rituals can be quite beneficial and can include doing some exercises and meditation. Preparation for the following day should be done the previous night. When it comes to ending the day it would, remove all the clutter from your desk so that it gives you an opportunity to start the morning in a fresh way. Ending a day should be done at a very specific or particular time.


To be effective and get things done you have plan your day well ahead of time. Making a long list of what needs to be done does not always work thus the need to create a list of 3 priorities that are easily manageable during the day.

Effective Time Management Through Use of Technology

Procrastination can simply be defined as the postponement of a task on a regular basis. It is important to note that failure to rationally make the choice of being productive can make you to take the path of procrastination, a path in which time is not such an important aspect of your life.


Different people view and interact with time differently, according to the book procrastination written by Jane B Burka, there are two ways in which people view and interact with time and that is either objectively or subjectively.

When we come to objective time it is calculated through the use of a calendar or the 24 hour clock, objective time can be easily predicted. In the case of subjective time is calculated through your own perspective and is not in line with the 24 hour clock. When you follow the subjective time which does not follow the clock time, you are bound to have serious friction and disagreements with those who are strictly following the objective time. There are several techniques that can be used for those that have a challenge with managing their time and are suffering from procrastination. These techniques are well able to solve the twin problems of time mismanagement and procrastination.



When it comes to almost everything it is important to note that if something cannot be measured then it would be completely impossible to manage such a thing. The above mentioned fact applies when it comes to the issue of time management and procrastination. For you to understand how you use your time on a daily basis it is extremely important to track every single activity that you do, and how much time you use to do each activity. It is possible for instance to keep blaming external factors when you get late for school, appointments or work. The truth of the matter however is that when you track back your time you are bound to discover that there somewhere that you did not manage your time properly. If for example you are supposed to be at work at 8am it would be wise to be there 20 minutes before time meaning that you need to have woken up like almost two hours before the time that you are due to be at work so that you have enough time to prepare. It is completely impossible to understand time in the absence of tracking it. You have to purpose to track the real world in order to have an understanding of it.

There are many methods that you can use to track your time, such as the use of certain apps for either iPhone or Android. Both of the above mentioned apps can be quite useful especially when you are in hurry and you need some statistics that you need to use for planning. For both the iPhone and Android platforms there are many options than you can use, especially in the categories that are free. The Time logger and Time Lite are options on the on the iPhone that you can explore. As far as the Android platform is concerned you can make use of either Track Task Time or Time sheet application. Through the use of these applications you can be able to track several activities at the same time, make personal categories, and obtain reports and statistics that you can use in assisting you to understand the flow or the movement of time. The rescue time can be used in tracking the kind of applications that you are spending some time on, either on your PC or Mac which in turn gives you an opportunity to understand how your computer time is being spent and where it is going.

Educational and Fun Activities For Your Kids This Summer

Children can be easily controlled and for parents this can offer an opportunity for lots of fun but can also be very confusing at times. Teaching Lessons that are geared towards educating the children can go a long way in guiding children in the right direction. There are many instances or opportunities where children can be taught many important lessons and summer offers such an opportunity.


During summer it is the time during which the kids are out of school and a have a lot of time that they are free. It is important to note that two things can happen during this free time, either the kids can keep themselves busy by playing computer or video games or alternatively they can make good use of their free time by getting to learn new things. The role of a parent is to be a facilitator thus ensuring that the kids are able to learn a new thing that they have never learn before.


If you have never taken your kids for camping then it would be important to purpose to take them for one this summer. If there is one place that offers your kids an opportunity to learn then it is within a camping atmosphere. In a majority of cases your kids shall certainly love camping. The many activities that you shall do at the camp such as cooking different kinds of meals over a camp fire, and sleeping under the blue sky that is filled with stars is able to stir up the imagination of any child. Besides the educational lessons the kids are also able to valuable life lessons from the camping trips. It is recommended that you start with a short or brief camping trip like for one night before moving to camping trips that shall take longer periods of time.


The ability to build something with their hands is an activity that kids really enjoy doing. A significant point to note however is that a great majority of the items that the kids make at school usually find their way into the dustbin or the trash bin. Even the small items that kids make using papers are great and should be appreciated but they also need to learn how to build things that can last for a longer period of time and have an element of being a bit more permanent. Building a tree on the house offers a great opportunity for kids to learn because it requires some time to build it and it can be enjoyed for many years to come


There is great need for children to learn various kinds of sports when they are still young. As a parent you simply need to expose your child to all kinds of sports but it is recommended that you should avoid forcing your child to like a certain sport or commenting on whether they are good or bad in a particular kind of sports. All kinds of sports provide a learning opportunity for your child, because they learn the rules of a particular sport, teamwork, and being in touch with the competitive spirit. There various kinds of sports that your child can learn such as basketball and baseball but soccer are among the most popular.


There is nothing that beats being in water. Various kinds of sports and that includes water skiing can be learned in the best way when a child is in their early age. When you teach your kids how to ski at a tender age they are then able to do it naturally and with relative ease. When your kids grow older then it becomes more challenging for them to effectively learn how to water ski. Of all the seasons in the year summer is the best time for kids to learn water skiing.


The truth of the matter is that at times you do need some help with certain tasks such as offloading the dish washer or taking out trash. Children who are between the ages of six and eight years or more have the ability to learn how to do various household chores. They should be made to understand that they have grown big and thus the need for them to learn how to perform big household chores. Rewards should be introduced at the beginning whenever a chore is successfully completed in order to emphasize the point that household chores really matter.

20 Amazing Lemon Desserts You Need to Try Out

Texture and flavor are the two things that make the various kinds of desserts delicious. Lemon is quite unique in that it is able to combine well with a majority of dishes. Lemon can be used in the preparation of the different kinds of desserts. Below is a list of absolutely delicious lemon desserts that you can try out.


The lemon pudding dessert is a combination of silky smoothness with the strong aftertaste of lemon and is bound to leave you asking for more.


Chocolate doughnuts are quite flavorful but adding a lemon filling inside a plain doughnut can only add goodness to this dessert that is already a classic dessert.


A lemon curd filling when combined with a vanilla macaroon is unbeatable snack that can be taken with a hot cup of tea.


In the long list of the most favorite desserts cup cakes would certainly make that list and would be among the very top. When a lemon rind is added to the batter or topping then this is a final touch in another great lemon dessert.


The lemon cheesecake happens to be among the most popular desserts, especially when they are made in the right way. They are quite delicious and have a cream filling that is not heavy and a crust that is crunchy for those that love crunchy stuff.

Lemon Desert


For lemon cookies lemon can be used in the mixture that makes them or alternatively it can be used as a dressing. Have you have eaten a lemon cookie it shall be difficult to choose any other kind of cookie.


A lemon tart that has been sprinkled with fresh powdered sugar and is warm can be quite irresistible.


The lemon cake has a fluffy and light characteristic that makes it quite delicious and once you taste it for the first time then there can be no turning back.


Because the lemon curd is naturally creamy and is not heavy, it is the best topping or base for various kinds of desserts. Besides the acting as a topping or base there are no rules as to how you should eat and you can thus eat it as it is. It is equally important to note that this superb dish can be used in various different ways.


A majority of people do love marshmallows and especially because of their unique taste. One of the major characteristics of marshmallows is that they are soft and their quality can be improved through the addition of lemon. If you are thinking of a romantic dish then marshmallows would be the way to go.


When crepes are combined with any other kind of fruit the result is a delicious dessert and this is especially so when the fruit is lemon. The sharp lemon desserts flavor is able combine well with crepes that are spongy and tasty.


The above mentioned dish is one of the best Italian dishes and can be made in various ways. Adding lemon provides for a great improvement on this elegant Italian dish.


If you are bored with plain glazed doughnuts then the lemon glazed option can be a good alternative. The lemon glazed doughnuts are delicious and have an excellent flavor.


There are people who are extremely sensitive to what they eat but even for such individuals the lemon custard would be a pleasant surprise. The lemon flavor only adds to the sweetness that is found in the custard lemon desserts.


If you are looking for something to combine your custard with then look no further than the Jelly, it is however important to note that you should choose a neutral flavor like vanilla.


Pancakes are part of every breakfast meal for most families and can become a great base for lemon jam. Lemon pancakes are certainly able to give you give you the boost that you need to begin your day.


If you have a craving for anything sweet then a lemon pie dessert made with buttermilk.


A combination of lemon and the great quality of the meringue when they are all put together in pie is a dish which you cannot resist.


A ricotta pie when combined with lemon makes a delicious and yummy dessert.


Of the many desserts that are available a soufflé happens to be quite complex and it comes out perfectly when it is combined with the strong lemon flavor.